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Well folks! Its been an agrivating but ultimately rewarding couple of weeks! But, after a hacker got onto the old site and set up his link to a pay day loan site. Not to mention the "fine folks" at my old web hosting site told me to get my site up and running. I had to either A) Learn code and do it myself. Or B) Pay them 200 bucks to do it. I decided to find accomodations and template build my own site from the bottom up.

So suffice to say its been a rather annoying couple of weeks. But ultimately It was a crappy thing that led to me doing something I needed to do anyway. So goodbye old site! Hello new! Hope you like, and if we can do anything to make it more "user friendly" Please let us know! Take care folks and until next time, I wont be here!

Dan Nokes

June 26, 2015


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