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Hey all!  For all you folks who are looking to admire my pro-work or even hire me for your project.  Here is a swath of some of my pin-up, interior and cover work from 2012-Present!   If interested, please contact me at for a price quote.
Zombie Revised.jpg
Page 19.jpg
Adam and Eve Kickstarter Cover Done2 .jp
Adam and Eve 10 Anniversary Done Ver 3.j
Color Low Res.jpg
Tellos Paranormals Just About.jpg
Ver 3.jpg
Page 1 Finished Low Res.jpg
Reptile #1.jpg
Living Corpse.tif
Page 6 Finished Low Res.jpg
Shadowflame Low Low Res.jpg
Blacksad and Chicken Final.jpg
Sludge Monster stand alone.jpg
Tristan Attic 3 Promo.jpg
Mechanor Page 1.jpg
Adam and Eve Low Res Cover.jpg
Page 73.jpg
Page 51.jpg
Page 48.jpg
Page 45.jpg
Page 34.jpg
Page 10 Low Res.jpg
4 State Punk Rock final.jpg
Page 4 and 5 Done Lower Res.jpg
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