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PART ONE: Its 1992:  Meet Roger Tyler- Mister Amazing, former Super Hero, former War Veteran, former leader of The Alliance.  Now a recently laid off PR spokesman for the US Government.  We open up with him at his favorite bar in Georgetown drowning his sorrows and bleak of outlook to his future.  This is all about to change when a giant interdimensional portal and turns his life in an odd and unexpected direction.
PART TWO-  Roger brings in an "Unexpected Houseguest" to his abode in the form of Carter Talbot.  A dinosapien from an alternate Earth where dinosaurs became the dominant species.  Things are strange enough when an old advasary from Roger's past comes to visit.  
PART THREE-  Roger and Carter head to The Jefferson Monument to meet with an old villain of Roger's named Tink R. Toy.   Who is holding old friends of Roger's hostage.  What does he hold in store.  Read here intrepid fan!   
PART FOUR- Roger and Carter are transported to a carnival of horrors by Tink R. Toy where the duo are forced to pass through a series of deadly traps to rescue their friends.  
PART FIVE- Roger and Carter continue their fun ride through hell as they encounter a hall of mirrors that is more than it seems!  
PART SIX- Our twosome makes their way to the Carnival of horrors and encouter some pretty gruesome shadow monsters!  More inside!  
PART SEVEN-  The Boss Battle!  Tink R. Toy goes nuclear and those who stand in his path will suffer on his path to making pain and suffering comedically brilliant!  Read on intrepid fans!  
PART EIGHT:  The Conclusion!  The Reptile! Mister Amazing!  The Invulnurable Argonaut!  A.R.S.E.N.A.L.!  All against a roided out circus clown with god like powers!  Read on folks!    
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