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The Return of Kat Carson

The geriatric ex superhero and dinosapien former janitor return and are joined by one Kat Carson.  But who is he.  How does he know Roger Tyler?  And how is he connected to the fabled Tommorowsphere?  Read on intrepid seeker of fiction!  
PART ONE:  Its 20 years since the events of The Reptile and Mister Amazing: The Origin.  Carter and Roger now run their own "Metahumans for hire" agency.  Roger is a widower and raising a teenager on his own.  Carter meanwhile is the celebrity public face of the two.  Things seem alright till a blast from Roger's past comes and warns him of things to come that will shake the universe to its very founations!
PART TWO:  Roger's son is kidnapped and the two are taken to Project Watchtower headquarters.  Where they are given more background into not only the Tommorowsphere and those that kidnapped David Tyler.  But the fate of Kat Carson as well! 
PART THREE- Carter and Roger are off to Antarctica to rescue his son and other hostages from the clutches of ICE with Kat Carson!  Things quickly go south however as complications arrise!  
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